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Stephan Burke

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Stephan Burke


Stephan Burke has been a Real Estate agent for over 20 years and Miami Resident since 1978. He made the list of Who's Who in Real Estate of 2015, nomination by Miami Agent Magazine that considers him one of the most influential people in Real Estate. He is in the prestigious Master Brokers Forum and speaks several languages including French, English and Spanish. Before moving to Miami, he lived in Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire) and previous to that, he lived in the prestigious vineyard region of Bordeaux, France.

Stephan spent most of his summers growing up at the Chateau Cantenac-Brown in the village of Cantenac and Margaux , learning the regions famous vineyards and Chateaux and playing in the backyards of Chateau Margaux, Chateau La Tour, Chateau Brane-Cantenac to name a few. Stephan has many connections with clients in Monaco, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, South Africa, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, as well as here nationally in New York, California and of course Miami. He has the ability to connect his buyers globally and locally with his listings. He also relocates his sellers to properties to where they are moving. Stephan has sold property close to the $100 million mark single sided. He has received many awards in the Real Estate Industry and has been interviewed by CBS News, Miami Agent Magazine and in other publications. He has lived in Miami for over 34 years and also lived in many neighborhoods in Miami, so he does know a lot of the neighborhoods very well and lived in houses and condominiums as well so he understands what the buyer or seller is looking for in the property.

Stephan's Property Listings

The collection of luxury oceanfront and waterfront real estate in Miami Beach and Southern Florida

5344 Lagorce Dr
Miami Beach


  • $11,591.90/m²
  • 4 Спальни, 4 2x ½ Ванныe
  • 301.9 m² (3250 s.f.)
[ See More ]
Trump Hollywood #1604


  • $8,211.64/m²
  • 3 Спальни, 3½ Ванныe
  • 315.4 m² (3395 s.f.)
[ See More ]
9400 Abbott Ave


  • $8,249.92/m²
  • 3 Спальни, 2 Ванныe
  • 179.4 m² (1931 s.f.)
[ See More ]
3701 Loquat Ave


  • $5,809.54/m²
  • 3 Спальни, 2 Ванныe
  • 107.6 m² (1158 s.f.)
[ See More ]
Manatee Condo #802


  • $4,467.44/m²
  • 2 Спальни, 2 Ванныe
  • 95.1 m² (1024 s.f.)
[ See More ]
The Waverly At Surfside #305
Новые функции


  • 1 Спальни, 1 Ванныe
  • 72.5 m² (780 s.f.)
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3701 Loquat Ave


  • 3 Спальни, 2 Ванныe
  • 107.6 m² (1158 s.f.)
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Stephan's Property Sales

Here is a list of Stephan's most recent property sales, with the most-recent ones showing first. You may resort the list by clicking on any column.

Property Unit Listing Price Sold Price Sold $/sqft Поиск/Спал Interior Space More
3604 Matheson Av $7,995,000 $7,550,000 $8,281.62/m² 6/6½ 911.7 m² (9813 s.f.) more
Oceana Bal Harbour UPH-W $13,136,000 $13,136,000 $27,280.48/m² 3/4½ 481.5 m² (5183 s.f.) more
178 S Shore Dr $1,250,000 $1,140,000 $4,637.51/m² 4/3 245.8 m² (2646 s.f.) more
Grove Hill 1501 $1,290,000 $1,250,000 $7,044.44/m² 2/2½ 177.4 m² (1910 s.f.) more
Ocean Point 422 $389,000 $370,000 $6,016.08/m² 1/1 61.5 m² (662 s.f.) more
The Gables Club 3E $1,690,000 $1,625,000 $5,909.24/m² 3/3½ 275.0 m² (2960 s.f.) more
850 San Pedro Av $3,200,000 $3,000,000 $6,988.04/m² 4/4½ 429.3 m² (4621 s.f.) more
7350 SW 47th Ct $6,200,000 Pending $7,060.54/m² 7/8½ 878.1 m² (9452 s.f.) more

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